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Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening can give you brighter teeth so you can smile with confidence. Call Chapel Dental in Camborne to arrange an appointment or sign up with our surgery.


Why should you whiten your teeth?

Over time, stains can leave your teeth looking discoloured and yellow. At Chapel Dental, we don’t believe that anyone should feel self-conscious about their smile. Our tooth whitening treatments can restore the teeth's natural brightness, for results you can really see. We welcome new and existing patients from across Camborne, so if you’d like to find out more about cosmetic dentistry, get in touch.

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Teeth whitening FAQs

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Can I get it on the NHS?

Tooth whitening is not available as a treatment on the NHS


How long will it last?

The effect will eventually fade, however how long it lasts depends on your diet and whether you smoke.


Are there side effects?

Patients may sometimes experience tooth sensitivity after the treatment. This should fade over time.


Is it better than over the counter treatments?

Whilst over the counter products can be cheaper, they may not be as effective. There is also the risk that products bought online could contain potentially harmful levels of chemicals which may damage tooth enamel and dentine.


Can I just use a whitening toothpaste?

Whilst they are safe to use and can have an effect, the effects tend to be very minimal by comparison.

Enjoy a brighter smile with tooth whitening

Call Chapel Dental in Camborne on 01209 712036

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