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Ear wax removal in Camborne

Keep your ears clean and free of wax with the help of Chapel Dental in Cambourne. Book an appointment today.


Chapel Dental now offers safe ear wax removal

Here at Chapel Dental in Camborne, we have trained and qualified dedicated staff to use specialist equipment to perform both microsuction and warm water irrigation.


After the inspection and consultation, we use digital imagery to show you inside your ears to see if wax removal is necessary.


  • The initial consultation with digital imagery £25.00

  • Wax removal from one ear (including consultation) £50.00

  • Wax removal from both ears (including consultation) £60.00

We provide after care advice and instructions.

Doctor examining senior patient's ear

Signs that you may have a build-up of ear wax include:

Senior Caucasian woman cupping her ear to listen
  • Ears feeling blocked

  • Reduced hearing

  • Tinnitus

  • Dizziness

  • Irritated or itchy ears

  • Muffled and or crackling noises

  • Hearing aids won’t go in the ears correctly

  • Smell or discharge from the ear

We advise you to use an oil-based softening agent prior to your appointment to aid with easy wax removal.

Book your consultation now, please contact our reception team today:

Call our dentists in Camborne on 01209 712036

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