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The Chapel Dental team

Meet the Chapel Dental team and support staff who’ll be taking care of your teeth or call our practice in Camborne to book an appointment.


Meet the team

The friendly dentistry team at Chapel Dental are highly skilled in all aspects of dental care, providing patients with an excellent service.

At Chapel Dental we understand that some of our patients are nervous about receiving dental care. It is our aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your visits.

Our dentistry team:

  • Dr Stephen Pace BDS (Birmingham) GDC Reg 67039

  • Dr Michael Liedtke BDS (Hamburg) GDC Reg 73825

  • Dr Rebecca Wood BDS (Glasgow) GDC Reg 75840

  • Dr Sintija Priede  BDS (Latvia) GDC Reg 174769

  • Dr Florence Phillips BDS(Lagos) GDC Reg 84385

  • Dr Michael Cox BDS(Manc) GDC Reg 77830

  • Dr Emilio Berroa BSD (Madrid) GDC Reg 234163

  • Dr Alex Campbell B.D.S(Wales) GDC Reg 103452

  • Dr Ourania Stefanou DipDS (Thessaloniki) GDC Reg 106232

  • Mrs Samantha Turner RDH GDC Reg 3900

  • Mrs Joy Monk RDH GDC Reg 3897

  • Mr Tanmay Sabnis RDT GDC Reg 303568

  • Ms Michaela Skewes RDT GDC Reg 175488

All of our dentists adhere to the rules governing the dental profession. You will find the Standards for Dental Professionals on the GDC website. For more information on the General Dental Council please click here

Book a check-up at Chapel Dental in Camborne

Call our reception team on

01209 712036

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